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A Day In The Life Of Vij's

The New York Times has called it "one of the best Indian restaurants in the world". Celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Hilary Swank, Jessica Alba and Sarah McLachlan are regulars when they are in town, and chef Jamie Oliver and Indian culinary classicist Madhur Jaffrey have been spotted here. Welcome to the most famous and interesting Indian restaurant in Vancouver - VIJ'S!

'A Day in the Life of VIJ'S' gives us an intimate, never-before glimpse of the inner life of a famous restaurant and its people. Starting from its founder, Vikram Vij, after whom the restaurant is named, right up to its many assistants who peel tons of garlic every day, we meet the vastly interesting array of people who deliver groceries, cook, peel, chop and grind and on the other side of the kitchen door, the beautiful people Indian and non-Indian, who eat at Vancouver's finest Indian restaurant - a mini-city on its own - this is one of the reasons why Vancouver is a culinary mecca on the foodie's map.

Produced and Directed by Rama Rau
Camera: Neil Oakshott
Assistant Camera: Karine Bougie, Miguel Gutierrez
Sound: Neil Oakshott
Editor: Lawrence Jackman
English: Stereo
NTSC Region 1 16:9 Aspect Ratio
Running time: 48 min

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