My Big Fat Punjabi Wedding

A rollicking ride inside a grand Punjabi wedding - each of which lasts about 5 days, with an average budget of $600,000!! Punjabi weddings top the list of the most expensive weddings, what with all the gold for the bride, the sumptuous clothes, the tantalizing arrays of food and the amount of family members that need to be gifted with gold and jewellery.

Produced and Directed by: Rama Rau
Camera: Nick Wilson
Editor: Lawrence Jackman
Additional Camera: Carly Plett
Location Sound: Keith Henderson
Additional Sound: Kevin Hemingson
Consultant: Rina Kaur Gill
Written by: Rama Rau
Driver/ Production Coordinator: Carly Plett
Online Facility: Fearless Films, 422 Adelaide St W, Toronto ON
Post Audio Mix: Noah Siegel, Sean Karp
Facility: KARP ADM Studios
Music Composer: Alex Khaskin
Business Affairs: Del Mehes
Legal: Danny Webber
Special Thanks:
Singh and Joti (Jaspreet)
Ina Mander
Girlfriendz Studio
Mindy Bansal
The Mander Family
Dave Singh
Kiren and Sundeep
Harjit Dhaliwal
Rocky Dhaliwal
Frontier Cloth House
Pink Orchid Studio
Harp Sohal
Shannon Mann
Vardip and Jessie
Mr. Dhaliwal and The Dhaliwal Family
Gurdip Purewal and the Purewal Family’
Shamsher Pannu
Cathy Moss
Fatma Mehndi
Raman and Aman
The Puri Family
The Brar Family
Vi Sekhon (Vi-Brant Creations)
Royal King Palace
Nitin Sharma
Navjote Jagpal
Bal Dhanda
X-Fusion Roadshow
Pat Cocco
Hartej and Harp Sohal
Title Sequence: Parneet and Avtar
Narration: English - Laura Nashman; Punjabi - Harjeet Aujla
Translation/ Transcribing: Think Brown Media
For Rogers:
Vicki Giannace
Paritosh Mehta
Alain Strati
Karen Mancini
Madeline Ziniak

With the assistance of:

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