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My Life With Me

The sorry state of romance in the Big City is a topic that is hashed and rehashed in any singles bar and pub you walk into. Aside from work, it's the number one source of alcohol-fueled conversation. In this age of instant gratification, consumerism seems to have reached human relationships - especially love.

My Life with Me is a film that takes you deep into the lives of successful singles in Toronto and Vancouver. Intensely personal stories weave with universal truths. Humour with tenderness.

What happens when you've been working hard for so long, and then you wake up one day and realize the whole world has a partner except you?

Produced and Directed by Rama Rau
Camera: Paul Kell
Editor: Lawrence Jackman
Written by: Rama Rau
Music composed by: Alex Khaskin and Ilya Kaplan
English: Stereo
NTSC Region 1 16:9 Aspect Ratio
Running time: 48 min

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