Rehtaeh Parsons

It all started when Rehtaeh who was 15, at that time, went to a party, drank too much vodka and can hardly remember what happened.

After that, her life became a nightmare. A photo that was taken at the party started being circulated. While she claimed she was sexually attacked, the males in the photo denied it. But the photo took a life of its own and was shared by hundreds, if not thousands, of her peers. Driven to despair, Rehtaeh’s slow sinking into depression and anxiety ended when she lost the will to live. This film goes on a journey to see exactly what may have happened.

Who failed Rehtaeh? This is a question that the media all over the world has asked, but no simple answers are possible in such a complicated story.

The film NO PLACE TO HIDE re-traces the life of this world-famous teenager, by talking to everyone who knew her and putting back the pieces of her life, one by one. As a case that had overwhelming social media reaction, with more than 100,000 online signatures demanding that the Nova Scotia government take notice and bring the perpetrators to shame, this is a story where the mere mention of the name Rehtaeh Parsons is meaningful enough, condemning the ban that was placed on her name until December 2014.