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Trapped in the deadly Mumbai terrorist attack, a man is forced to deal not just with the desperation of staying alive but to revaluate what his life really means. Events take a turn for the bizarre. The line between life and death is very fine. So is the line between nightmare and reality.


The Market

A slum in Chennai, India. Home of the discarded, the starving - and now, also the home of a desperate tsunami refugee camp, on the outskirts of an indifferent city. Out here, survival means selling a kidney.


My Big Fat Punjabi Wedding

A rollicking ride inside a grand Punjabi wedding - each of which lasts about 5 days, with an average budget of $600,000!! Punjabi weddings top the list of the most expensive weddings, what with all the gold for the bride, the sumptuous clothes, the tantalizing arrays of food and the amount of family members that need to be gifted with gold and jewellery.


My Life With Me

The sorry state of romance in the Big City is a topic that is hashed and rehashed in any singles bar and pub you walk into. Aside from work, it's the number one source of alcohol-fueled conversation. In this age of instant gratification, consumerism seems to have reached human relationships - especially love


A Day In the Life Of Vij's

The New York Times has called it "one of the best Indian restaurants in the world". Celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Hilary Swank, Jessica Alba and Sarah McLachlan are regulars when they are in town, and chef Jamie Oliver and Indian culinary classicist Madhur Jaffrey have been spotted here


Losing My Religion

Rama Rau's deeply personal and revealing documentary explores the connections between faith and religious tensions today, weaving together the stories of three Canadians: A firebrand Muslim woman, a devout Sikh boxer and a staunch Indian Catholic who questions his faith's dark history to such an extent that he decides to convert to Hinduism


Fingers Of Fire

Indian Classical music meets Modern Jazz. Intense discipline collides with exuberance. Passion meets perfection. 'FINGERS OF FIRE' is a one hour documentary that explores the highs and lows of Vineet Vyas, a young and very talented East Indian Canadian tabla player who is on his way to international fame


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The Daughter Tree

The Daughter Tree is a cinematic character-driven feature documentary with unprecedented access that explores the aftermath of a cultural preference for baby boys sweeping through interior India, through the eyes of a fearless warrior-midwife who counsels and advocates for baby girls, while a lone man in the Village of Men - so called because no girl has been born here the past three decades - goes on a quest to find a wife. The solution may just lie in a tiny village where a plan for saving baby girls is almost magical in its simplicity.

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